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Dust Suction System

Dust Suction System is a device that uses a gas pump to create a partial vacuum, generates suction, and sucks up the grinding debris on the table of the grinder.
Dust Suction System uses multiple-stage high-pressure fans, vortex fans, vortex air pumps and other equipment to evacuate the inside of the barrel to make the negative pressure rise rapidly. At this time, the air quickly flows into the barrel through the air inlet, and the barrel passes through the suction brush and the suction pipe to flow. The air carries solid particles that need to be collected and processed into the barrel. The filter bag is connected to the air inlet. The solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag. The air that is initially filtered passes through the gap of the metal filter, and then passes through the secondary filtration of the filter , Can make the air meet the emission standards.

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AKUMA Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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