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Grinding wheel balance stand

The balance of the grinding wheel is very important. Unbalanced rotation will affect the accuracy and surface brightness of the work.
However, due to the uneven structure of the grinding wheel, the weight may be unbalanced, so the grinding wheel penetrates before and during use.
Check the balance table, adjust the flange of the block is in a balanced state, and strive to stabilize the balance of the grinding wheel rotation, so as not to affect
Precision of machined parts.

How to use the grinding wheel
The process of wheel balance is mainly to balance the wheel by setting weights on the wheel flange. The aid of the instrument can shorten the balance time for the operator. The instrument also provides accurate adjustment values for the operator to adjust, which is more effective. Accurate adjustment to the operator's allowable range, so that the service life of the grinding wheel can be extended.

When the grinding wheel is in an unbalanced state during operation, the vibration will be continuously transmitted to other mechanical parts and equipment, which will cause the operating state of these mechanical parts and equipment to deteriorate or be damaged. In addition, the vibration of the main shaft and the main shaft will reduce the performance of the grinding head, which also affects the quality of the processed product.

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